Web Dev Break Special 1

Faster, friendlier assets on Heroku with rack-zippy

Be nice & speedy for your users: serve compressed assets from your Rails app. The rack-zippy gem is a quick win performance boost on Heroku-like platforms.

Eliot Sykes

This special episode of Web Dev Break shows you how to use rack-zippy to boost the performance of your Rails app on Heroku and other similar hosting platforms.

Unless you setup something like rack-zippy, these platforms serve uncompressed versions of your JavaScript and CSS files to your end-users, meaning these files are bigger than they need to be and will take longer to download and your app’s performance suffers as a result.

In this short video, you’ll learn how to use your browser’s dev tools to identify if your app has this problem, and how you can fix it in just a few minutes with rack-zippy.

If you have any issues with rack-zippy, consult the troubleshooting section in the README, and the issues tracker. Code contributions to rack-zippy are more than welcome and a brief description of how you can do that can be found near the end of the README.