Web Dev Break Episode 9

Touch gestures with hammer.js (part 2)

In this second and final part you’ll complete learning how to add touch gestures to your web apps with hammer.js.

Eliot Sykes

Watch part one of the touch gestures with hammer.js tutorial and try the completed swipe-to-delete exercise.

Hammer.js wiki sections and pages referenced in the screencast: getting started guide, gestures available out-of-the-box (e.g. swipe, doubletap), hammer.js configuration options & default values (such as swipeVelocityX), properties of event.gesture (e.g. event.gesture.deltaX) event.gesture.stopDetect() advice and tips & tricks (including the recommended horizontal swipe and drag config).

Hammer.js API docs

Hammer.js examples: pull-to-refresh, carousel, and more.