Web Dev Break Episode 8

Touch gestures with hammer.js (part 1)

Hammer.js takes a lot of the hard work out of bringing touch gestures like double-tap, pinch, and swipe to your web app. In this screencast you’ll learn how to get started with it, and some problems with the touchable web you’ll want to watch out for.

Eliot Sykes

See part 2 and try out the hammer.js swipe-to-delete demo.

Hammer.js created by Jorik Tangelder.

Hammer.js suggested by Rick Byers (Chrome developer) in this Google IO 2013 talk: Point, Click, Tap, Touch - Building Multi-Device Web Interfaces

ngTouch $swipe service for AngularJS, jQuery mobile touch events, Zepto touch events, and QuoJS.

Hammer.js device and browser support.

The technology behind the NYT redesign (they use hammer.js), and the list of well-known sites using hammer.js.